Knockin’ on the client’s door or Effective remote presentation

  • The information perception efficiency in remote mode is reduced by 40–50% compared to personal communication, but the remote communication stays with us for a long time (90% of company executives are of the same opinion), so something needs to be done.
  • The most effective way to increase the productivity of telecommuting is to provide eye contact. The presence of the presenter in the frame increases the success rate by 127%.
  • Non-verbal signals have the greatest influence on the audience (55% of the effect), followed by the degree of importance — abstract sound signals (tone, timbre of voice, intonation of speech) and in last place, (7%) verbal information (spoken words).
  • Videos can be an additional factor in helping to assimilate information, since they are much more convincing than text or just a voice presentation. Visual images also help perception — graphs, diagrams and other accompanying illustrations (but they should be as visual as possible, not requiring deep interpretation).
  • You will have 30–60 seconds to captivate the audience with your presentation, so at the beginning of the presentation you should use a few of the most powerful slides.

“Remote work” — the new reality

Don’t turn off the camera

Shoot videos and more

Struggle for attention





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